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Clinical SAS Online Training


The Process from discovering a new drug to registering it for marketing is very complex and lengthy. There are several people involved in the Process of drug discovery and development includes Scientists, Clinicians, Statisticians as well as Data managers and SAS Programmers. It is estimated that, on average, a drug takes 10-12 years from initial research to reach the market. Drug discovery and development are mainly carried out by pharmaceutical companies and research agencies. The pharmaceutical market is very competitive. It is imperative that pharmaceutical companies discover and develop drugs efficiently and within the shortest time span to remain competitive.

Base & Advance SAS Online Training

Base SAS

2.An Overview of the SAS System, SAS Windows
3.Introduction to SAS Programs 
4.SAS Naming Conventions
5.SAS Data Libraries 
6.Creating SAS Datasets
7.Assigning Variable Attributes 
8.Changing Variable attributes 
9.nderstanding DATA Step Processing  
10.Types of errors, Debugging Techniques 
11.Data Cleaning Techniques 
12.Defensive Programming Techniques 
14.Combining SAS Datasets
16.Understanding ODS (Output Delivery  System) 
17.Conditional Processing  


1.Macro Concepts & Advantages 

2.Macros And Macro Variables 

3.Creating Macro Variables & Using Macro Variables 

4.Invoking A Macro 

5.Adding Parameters To Macros 

6.Writing Macros With Conditional Logic 

7.Using Various Procedures In Macros 

8.External Macros & Automatic Macro Variables 

9.Nesting of Macros 

10.Multiple And Multi-Level Macros 

11.Macro Functions 

Base SAS Procedure

  • Proc Sort 

  • Proc Print

  • Proc Copy 

  • Proc Contents

  • Proc Delete

  • Proc Format

  • Proc Compare

  • Proc Append

  • Proc Plot

  • Proc Chart

  • Proc Printto

  • Proc Transpose

  • Proc Format

  • Proc Import

  • Proc Export


  • Introduction, History

  • Features

  • SQL Command Set

  • Operators In SQL

  • Order By Clause

  • Group By Clause

  • Having Clause

  • Distinct Clause

  • Create and Insert

  • Deleting, Populating And Updating

  • Sub Queries, Views and Joins

  • Integrity Constraints

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